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We have been in business for 10 years. We service various sizes of companies , but some of our larger clients are: Kellogg, Ryder, Owens Corning, Printpack, American Bath Group, Owens Corning, NTN-Bower, Koppers, Johnson Controls, Lexington, TN, Trenton, TN Young Touchtone, Phoenix Metals, NKC Memphis, TN, MIG, Fluid Routing, and ARJ.

We want to welcome our newest client  MLG&W (Memphis Light Gas & Water, Memphis TN.)

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"Our Customers, on average, reduce their waste stream cost up to 31% over all”.


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Gale Dunaway MIG Operations Manager DoxicomGlobal saved our plant $108,000 the 1st year and achieved zero landfill.